The Six Lamps: Secret Dzogchen Instructions of the Bon Tradition, Jean-Luc Achard (Author)

The Six Lamps: Secret Dzogchen Instructions of the Bon Tradition, Jean-Luc Achard (Author)
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Esteemed Tibetologist Jean-Luc Achard contextualizes and provides a clear translation of highly secret precepts on Dzogchen practice unlike anything published. The Instructions on the Six Lamps is a profound and important work from the Bon Dzogchen tradition and is one of the root texts of the Zhangzhung Nyengyu (Oral Transmission of Zhangzhung) series of orally transmitted teachings. Considered to be the central work of the inner cycle of these teachings, it expertly details the principles of the natural state and its visionary marvels. The root text describes highly secret precepts of Dzogchen (Great Perfection) practice--the teachings of Trekcho and Thogel--as revealed by Tapihritsa to Gyerpung Nangzher Lopo. The teachings in this text represent oral instructions transmitted by a single master to a single disciple in the mode known as "single transmission." It is through such a practice that one can see the clear light of one's own mind before achieving complete buddhahood. In this respect, the text contains a complete teaching of Dzogchen, from beginning to end.