Boxe Auto JBL Club 9632

Boxe Auto JBL Club 9632
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Pro Car Audio by JBL.Club coaxial and component speakers bring JBL pro sound to more vehicles. Their compact design means theyll fit into more vehicles than many of our competitors, and their high sensitivity delivers outstanding performance even with modestly-powered factory systems. Rugged polypropylene cones with the Plus One design deliver hard-hitting bass and long performance life. Edge-driven silk dome tweeters deliver broader and smoother high frequency response, never-harsh regardless of output level. Starfish Tweeter Mounting Adapter and I-Mount Tweeter Mounting Kit in component speaker system for easy installation. Available in a range of standard sizes3, 4, 5-1/4, 6-1/2, 6 x 8, 4 x 6, 6 x 9, and 3/4theyre the perfect upgrade from factory speakers