Rep, Rips, Reps Weave

Rep, Rips, Reps Weave
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Contributor(s): Author: Lucienne Coifman Editor: Deborah Cannarella Photographer: Robert Lisak In Rep, Rips, Reps Weave, author Lucienne Coifman takes weavers beyond the traditional forms and familiar patterns. She provides complete drafts and full instruction for more than 20 of her stunning project designs-rugs, placemats, runners, wall hangings, and samplers. Rep, Rips, Reps is a complete workshop in rep weaving-for both the beginning and advanced weaver. Lucienne shares the proven tips and techniques she has developed through years of teaching. There's also a photo gallery of games, mazes, and 3-D forms to inspire you to have fun and experiment on your own. 8 x 10 in. full-color, 172 pages