Garage Inc. - Vinyl

Garage Inc. - Vinyl
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Universal Music
Vinyl 1: Side A: 1. Free Speech For The Dumb 2. It's Electric 3. Sabbra Cadabra 4. Turn The Page Side B: 1. Die, Die My Darling 2. Loverman 3. Mercyful Fate Vinyl 2: Side A: 1. Astronomy 2. Whiskey In The Jar 3. Tuesday's Gone 4. The More I See Side B: 1. Helpless 2. The Small Hours 3. The Wait 4. Crash Course In Brain Surgery 5. Last Caress / Green Hell Vinyl 3: Side A: 1. Am I Evil? 2. Blitzkrieg 3. Breadfan 4. The Prince 5. Stone Cold Crazy Side B: 1. So What 2. Killing Time 3. Overkill 4. Damage Case 5. Stone Dead Forever 6. Too Late Too Late