Ecran Proiectie Videoproiector Optoma DE-1109ETT

Ecran Proiectie Videoproiector Optoma DE-1109ETT
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Avand in vedere dimensiunile unui ecran pentru videoproiector (greutate volumetrica), nu se poate acorda facilitatea de Transport Gratuit ca la alte produse care depasesc ca valoare 299 lei, astfel incat taxa de transport pentru fiecare ecran comandat este de 45 ron (fara TVA), cost valabil in orasele de resedinta Fan Courier sau/si SameDay. KM suplimentari se vor taxa conform conditiilor stipule in Termeni si Conditii. 109 Diagonal Electric 16:10 Screen4K PS HD Flexible Matte White Fabric (ISF Certified)Aluminium Case with In-Site Internal I/R and Tubular MotorUnique Tension Adjustment SystemThe ETT (Electric Tab Tension) has a unique tension adjustment system that keeps the screen surface tensioned at every point to ensure a picture perfect experience.This screen features PS HD flexible fabric with a unique layer of special diamond patterns on its surface specifically designed to bring out the best from a projector and enhance picture quality and colour.Automatic adjustment and tensioningA unique automatic adjustment system ensures the screen is well tensioned at every point to deliver a uniform surface, free of wrinkles or other defects, in order to deliver the best picture experience possible.Built-in infra-red remote control and projector triggerAll our 16:10 ETT electric screens feature built-in infra-red remote control and come with a simple hand held remote. The IR receiver is located on the front of the curved case but should the screen be installed behind a pelmet, or recessed into the ceiling, a small external IR eye is included. Also included is a 12 volt trigger input; this allows the screen to be activated from any projector or AV control system with a 12 volt output.Screen Image and Adjustment ImageFeatures aluminium casing with innovative sliding installation system, an integrated control system that allows the screen to be fully customisable and gives the user a variety of control options.Sliding Installation SystemOptoma Electric screens feature one of the best mounting systems on the market. Two small L-shaped brackets fit to the wall or ceiling anywhere along the length of the case. Once the screen is clipped into the brackets an alumninium level secures it in position. The aluminium white case has an elegant curved profile making it one of the nicest-looking screens on the market. The rigid, sturdy design keeps the internal roller perfectly straight and any motor noise to a minimum.Ready for high-definition 4K projectionDE-1109ETT also features the 4K PS HD flexible WB5 fabric (ISF Certified) which contains a layer of special diamond patterns designed to enhance picture quality, colour and maximise the performance of high definition content.