Convertor Digital/Analog (DAC) TOPPING D70S MQA Black

Convertor Digital/Analog (DAC) TOPPING D70S MQA Black
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TOPPING D70S MQABalanced DAC 2x AK4497 I2S XMOS Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC 32bit 768kHz DSD512 BlackThe Topping D70S MQA is an extremely versatile and powerful balanced digital to analog converter. With its careful design and intelligent architecture, it offers a realistic, rich and lively sound reproduction, while providing full connectivity.MQA SupportThe D70S MQA supports Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) files. These allow you to enjoy sound reproduction as close as possible to the original recording in the studio, while still being light enough to be played back for broadcast.Dual AKM AK4497 DACThe D70S MAQ's digital-to-analog conversion stage has two AKM AK4497 DAC chips, one DAC chip per channel. This architecture provides better channel separation, while ensuring optimized overall performance, including extremely low THD+N.Bluetooth 5.0Incorporating a Qualcomm CSR8675 chip, the D70S MQA features Bluetooth 5.0 reception, allowing you to stream your music remotely. The chip supports the standard SBC and AAC codecs, as well as the high-definition codecs aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD and LDAC, providing much higher quality playback. In addition, the DAC on the Qualcomm CSR8675 chip is not used here, as conversion is performed by the two AK4497 converters.USB XMOS InterfaceThe USB input of the D70S is associated with a 16-core XMOS XU216 interface chip, supporting PCM audio streams up to 32bit 768kHz, DSD Native up to DSD512, as well as MQA decoding. A custom Thesycon driver is used, to enable the best playback performance via ASIO.AK4118 Digital ReceiverThe SPDIF inputs are associated with an AK4118 digital receiver chip. The latter allows very low jitter while supporting sample rates up to PCM 24bit 192kHz.CPLDAccusilicon ClocksThe D70S MQA uses an Altera MAX II CPLD. This takes care of the signal processing of the Accusilicon femtosecond clocks and signal optimization. This combination of CPLD and Accusilicon clocks allows an extremely low jitter level to be achieved, while perfectly synchronizing the digital signal processing and optimization for better signal quality and stability.A more than complete connection systemThe D70S MQA offers a wide range of connectors to meet all needs. These include AES/EBU, USB-B, Bluetooth 5.0, Optical, Coaxial and I2S. The USB and I2S inputs support high-resolution files up to PCM 24bit 768kHz and native DSD512. The Bluetooth input is compatible with the LDAC transmission codec, allowing support for 24bit 96kHz files.Topping D70S MQA also allows to select the active outputs. It is thus possible to use only the balanced XLR output, the unbalanced RCA output or to output on both at the same time.1Balanced XLR output2Single-ended RCA output3I2S HDMI input4Bluetooth antenna connector5Optical Toslink input6Coaxial input7USB-B input8AES/EBU input9Power connector10Power buttonHighly compatible I2S LVDS inputThe D70S MQA's HDMI I2S input has several settings, making it compatible with most I2S interfaces. The IIS Phase, IIS DSDR and DSD FLAG parameters can be adjusted.5.1Power button5.2Volume +5.3Previous input5.4Volume -5.5NC5.6Filter selection5.7Auto standby5.8Mute5.9Output selection5.10Next input5.11NC5.12NC5.13Brightness setting