Contemporary Market Architecture

Contemporary Market Architecture
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Description - Exciting designs for new types of market architecture Public markets are the world's oldest retail trading format. The recent resurgence of public markets is unlocking a new era of market cities, which have sparked urban revitalization and fostered community diversity. This new book will look at the latest developments in market design across the globe, bringing readers up to date with the latest developments and demonstrating ideas, projects, and visions that will offer not only information, but inspiration too. About the Author Neil Tomlinson is the Founder of Neil Tomlinson Architects, an 11-year-old practice based on the edges of London's famous speciality food market, Borough Market, for whose lengthy regeneration Neil Tomlinson acted as Project Architect. He and his team are currently master-minding the relocation and remodeling of New Covent Garden Market, London's historic, fresh-produce wholesale market. His practice specializes in regeneration as well as in projects in the retail, transport, hospitality, and residential sectors. Before setting up his own company, Neil worked for Fitch, Eva Jiricna, and Broadway Malayan. He studied architecture at Leeds Architecture School and The Bartlett in London. Valentí Alvarez Planas is the founder of ARQUITACTÚA. He holds a degree in Architecture as well as a degree in Business Sciences from the Polytechnic University in Catalonia, Spain. He specializes in commercial architecture typology, from supermarkets to shopping malls. Over the years, he has been invited as a speaker at various events to give lectures on architecture, rehabilitation, and to present some projects. He has also published projects in important Spanish magazines, including On Diseńo, Oficinas, Proyecto Contract, and VÍa Construcción.