Boxa Pioneer S-71C

Boxa Pioneer S-71C
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Designersand engineers at our ResearchDevelopment centres in Paris and Tokyo the same responsible for our EX andSeries 8 speakershave pooled their expertise to bring you the Series 7speaker range: a perfect balance between design and acoustic performance. Thecomplete series includes floorstanding, bookshelf and centrespeakers, with a dedicated multi-channel subwoofer completing the line-up. The S-71C is the cornerstone of our Series 7 multi-channel solution, perfectly matching the quality andsound requirements of the floorstanding and bookshelf speakers. Featuring the same drivers and networks asthe S-71B, it flawlessly complements the timbrebalance of each speaker in the series. Woofer 13cm concentric Aramid Cone Tweeter 2.5cm concentric Titanium Dome Enclosure Rear vented bass-reflex centre speaker type Impedance 6 Ohm Frequency Range 43 - 50,000 Hz Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 83 dB Maximum Power 130 W Dimensions (W x H x D) 400 x 188 x 256 mm Weight 7,0 kg