Amplificator Auto Alpine MRV-M500

Amplificator Auto Alpine MRV-M500
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847.99 - 879.99 Lei
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Max Power Output Ratings Total Max Power: 1100 W   RMS Power Ratings Per channel into 4 Ohms: 300W RMS x 1 (14.4V at <1% THD+N) Per channel into 2 Ohms: 500W RMS x 1 (14.4V at <1% THD+N)   Sound Tuning Crossover Frequency (LPF): 50 - 400 Hz, -24dB/oct. EQ (Equalizer): 0 to +12dB, fc=50Hz   General Amplifier Type: Class-D (Digital) Channel Design: 1 Channel (Mono) Power Supply Design: DC-DC PWM Power Supply Power Supply: MOSFET Pre-Amp Stage: Discrete Final Outputs: Power MOSFET Crossover: Variable Lowpass Filter Gain Control: Continuously Adjustable Gain Control Bass EQ: Bass EQ Function Bass Control: Remote Bass Control (RUX-KNOB) Ready Remote Turn On: Remote Sensing Function (for Speaker Level Input) Low-impedance Possibility: Current Protection: Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage and Thermal Protection Board Circuitry: S.T.A.R. Circuit RCA Output: Non-Fading Pre-Amp Output (4 Volts) Speaker-Level Inputs: 4-channel Speaker Level Inputs Power Indicator: Top Mounted Blue LED Power Indicator Thermal Control: Multi-stage Power Limits Power Requirements: 14.4 V.DC (11-16V allowable) Input Sensitivity (RCA Input): 0.15 - 4.0 V Input Sensitivity (Speaker Level Input): 0.4 - 10 V Input Impedance: >10k ohms Frequency Response (+0, -3dB: 1W into 4 Ohms) for Subwoofer: 7 -400 Hz THD+N (10W into 4 Ohms): Ɔ.02 % THD+N (10W into 2 Ohms): Ɔ.03 % THD+N (Rated Power into 4 Ohms): Ɔ.2 % THD+N (Rated Power into 2 Ohms): Ɔ.3 % Damping Factor (10W into 4 Ohms at 100Hz): >750 Signal to Noise (1W into 4 Ohms): >85 dB Signal to Noise (Rated Power into 4 Ohms): >105 dB Preamp Output: 4.0V Max. Remote Level: -20 to 0 dB